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Do you want to learn how to stay off-grid with your motorhome or campervan?

Want the freedom to stay away from crowded campsites or not worry about electric hookup, managing power, finding water & staying safe (& legal)!?

If so, I've got the perfect solution for you... (and it's on sale!)

Introducing the Wild Camping Toolkit: The complete step-by-step guide for staying off-grid for motorhomes and campervans (with special bonuses!)

Over 100 pages, videos and checklists full of practical advice, tips and best practices to help you learn the rules, overcome your fears and start enjoying one of the best aspects of motorhoming! 

Whether you want to learn to stay completely off-grid, up mountains or in forests, or whether you just don't want to be tied to sites with electric hookups, this guide will help you.

Get INSTANT Access to the Wild Camping Toolkit for just £24

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"This guide is amazing! 

I felt more confident and enjoyed my first night 'in the wild' instead of being terrified!"

- Laura P.

Wild Parking- the fear is real!

Do you love the idea of staying off-grid with your motorhome, tucked into a quiet woodland area or parked up by the beach, away from noisy and over-crowded campsites?

It's not about saving money (although that helps!)- it's about enjoying the peace and beauty of nature, the freedom of travelling wherever you want and stopping when you feel like it.

BUT... there are so MANY things which could go wrong!

  • What if you NEVER find anywhere to stay and you drive around ALL NIGHT?
  • How do you know where's legal- and where will earn you a fine? How do you stay safe?
  • What about conserving battery power? Solar? Gas? How much power do you even need?
  • How do you find fresh water or empty waste?

and a million other questions!

Oh, my friend, I get it. I remember EXACTLY how it felt to head off for our first night 'in the wild'. I was TERRIFIED!

I honestly thought we'd either be murdered - or end up in prison. (And I wasn't entirely sure which was worse!)

We did everything wrong on our first trip. E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G

But... we didn't die- and we weren't arrested. In fact, our confidence grew- and we did it again the next night. And the one after that. 

Since then, we've toured the UK and Europe extensively. We've stayed in some BREATHTAKING locations (which we'll share with you) and we've learnt a lot about wild parking, conserving power, staying safe and finding places as we travel.

And that's why I wrote this step-by-step complete guide to off-grid/ wild Camping - to answer ALL these questions (and more!) 

Stop wasting your trips putting up with overbooked, noisy campsites and start learning the secrets that totally changed the way we use our motorhome. 

Here's what you get:

  • Online and downloadable guide: Everything in easy-to-follow steps, using simple terms and practical advice. PDF format which you can download to a computer, laptop, iPad, or smartphone to read or print as you wish. No Kindle or iPad required
  • Printable checklists: Stay organised on your travels- print out our handy PDF checklists and keep them in a binder in your vehicle for easy reference as you travel
  • Videos: Over 20 videos showing you some of the more complicated aspects, or explaining things in more detail, like power and battery management
  • A step-by-step guide to staying off-grid. Staying legal, rules to follow, choosing the best places, staying safe, what to do when you arrive/ leave and useful tips
  • Wild Camping, Aires, Sostas, Stellplatz, Britstops, France passion and other schemes around Europe- everything you need to find places as you travel, without booking in advance
  • How to conserve power, fit an inverter, find gas (both refillable and exchangeable, how to get water and dispose of waste while staying off-grid


Wild Camping DATABASE (Value £19)

Over 250 places around the UK & Europe, across 18 countries- most suitable for a motorhome pulling a trailer (which we often do!)

Includes GPS co-ordinates, photos and a map to help you plan your trip.

Security Bonus (Value £9)

10 page bonus guide on how to keep your motorhome & camper secure- both while travelling AND at home. 

Don't let thieves ruin your holiday- learn how to make your vehicle unappealing.

Bonus logbook & checklists (Value £9)

Printable PDF logbook for you to keep notes as you travel. The perfect place to store photos, recall funny moments and remember your road trip in the future.

Road trip checklist so you don't forget anything essential!

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See inside...

Click the video below to see inside the Toolkit


  • Having the confidence to get in your motorhome or camper and go exploring (without having anywhere booked for the night!)
  • Knowing how to find water, gas and everything else you need as you travel around (no more worry)
  • Waking up by the beach and sipping coffee listening to the waves crashing on the shore
  • Or spending a night in the mountains, with only the Milky Way for company

"If you've ever considered wild parking with your motorhome, but didn't know where to start or how to do it safely, this is the place to learn."

- Matt. S

Let's look closer at what you get...

Printable 60+ page guide

Instant access to our downloadable eBook, with step-by-step guides on how to find places, how to decide if they're safe, kit you need and everything else.


  • 60+ pages
  • Able to download (and print if you wish)- and use offline: no iPad or Kindle required
  • Step by step explanations on how we find, use and choose places as we travel

20+ step-by-step VIDEOS

Exclusive access to over 20 videos, giving you more information and help to make things clearer.

  • 25 minute walkthrough on exactly HOW we choose places as we travel and WHY we stay at some/ avoid others
  • 9 videos on setting up your motorhome for off-grid power, including battery management, inverters, generators, solar and gas.
  • Exact steps on what to do, what NOT to do and tips to make your off-grid stays easier

BONUS #1 Overnight Parking Database (£19 value)

For a limited time, we're giving away access to our entire database of wild camping places we've used across the UK and Europe- for FREE! 


  • 250+ spots, across the UK & Europe (18 countries & counting)
  • GPS co-ordinates, addresses and locations on our interactive map​
  • Access to all future updates and additions (the list will keep growing)


Security is everyone's concern- especially when you're staying in the middle of nowhere! 

We share our best tips and tricks including:

  • How we protect our important possessions
  • Making your vehicle harder to steal, both at home and on the road
  • Protecting yourself & your loved ones


Sometimes, it's the simple things which can make a BIG difference.

Like these fantastic checklists and custom logbook.

  • Plan your next trip easily and keep everything organised
  • Keep everything easy to find and in one place
  • Create brilliant memories of your trips, that you can look back on in future years

All of which work together to help you achieve your goal of staying off-grid with confidence

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STOP telling yourself you CAN'T do this- or you'll "never be brave enough to try wild camping"!

You CAN- and I can help you

Who am I? (And why should you listen to me?)

My goal is to help motorhome owners gain the confidence to find true freedom on the road

For over 3 years, I've been travelling the UK & Europe in a motorhome (almost!) full-time.

Yet, just like you, I remember how overwhelmed I felt before our first wild camping trip. 

We had no clue what we were doing and we made a LOT of mistakes (heck, we still do from time to time!)

But, I promise you, wild camping by motorhome (or campervan) does not have to be stressful. We've learnt exactly what you need (and what you DON'T) to make it all work, plus how to stay safe, save money and make life easier on the way.

And I promise, you can do the same. That's what I'm going to share with you today.

I've worked with several of the biggest names in the motorhoming industry, including Baileys of Bristol, Land Cruise, Vango and others and I've been a guest speaker several times on stage at the NEC Camping, Caravan and Motorhome show- sharing our travels and knowledge about travelling in Europe with a van.

Who is this for?

You'll LOVE this if:

  • You want to try wild parking with a motorhome or campervan​
  • You want a helpful database of places that we've already used and recommend​
  • You're nervous about how things work, tired of researching and just want someone to help you get your questions answered quickly and simply

This isn't for you if:

  • You're already an expert at wild-camping with a motorhome/camper
  • You don't want to stay off-grid!
  • You'd rather figure everything out on your own and don't mind spending hours researching all the rules and regulations

Here are what other happy customers are saying!

We LOVE hearing from customers who have used this toolkit to have their first off-grid adventures! Here's what a few of them have to say:

  • "I was a little bit nervous, but just by reading this I felt more confident. Thanks" - Tony
  • "You have put LOADS of great information in here"- Veronie
  • "If more people learned how to wild camp properly, by reading guides such as this, there wouldn't be so many problems. There's a lot of ignorance out there"- Morag
  • "Thanks for this guide- it's been a great help to beginners such as us" - Jonathon
  • "Thanks for the invaluable information!" - Christine

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How do I get this guide?

The entire guide is available for you to read and watch online. Many pages and sheets can be downloaded and printed as you wish- so you can take them with you on your travels.  

What comes with the purchase?

You get videos, digital guides, downloadable files (and an eBook) to help you get started with motorhome wild camping, plus access to all updates

How will I get the product? Will anything be posted?

No- nothing will be posted to you. By offering this product in digital form only, we are able to keep it as up-to-date as possible.

You get FREE access to any and all future updates (unlike a book, which goes out of date very quickly)

Can I print it?

Absolutely! Every page and PDF is available for you to download and print as many times as you like. (Obviously, not the videos :) )

I'm not travelling until next year...

Ahhhh- a person after my own heart. The earlier you start the planning, the easier it is!

No worries, you have lifetime access to this guide online, so you can buy it now, work through it at your leisure and it will be there again whenever you need it.

I don't have a Kindle or iPad

You don't need one. We designed this guide to be as simple and user-friendly as possible.

You don't need any fancy software or expensive items like a Kindle. Whatever you are reading this on right now is more than enough. 

30-day refund guarantee for peace of mind

Don't forget, we offer a full 30-day refund guarantee. If you're not happy with your purchase, simply let us know and we'll refund you.

Last chance to save money & find freedom...

One more time, here's EVERYTHING you get when you purchase the Wild Camping toolkit

  • 10 step-by-step video lessons - £19 value
  • 60+ page printable guide - £14 Value
  • Checklists & step-by-step tips - £16 Value
  • BONUS #1: Wild Camping Database - £19 Value
  • BONUS #2: Security Guide - £9 Value
  • BONUS #3: Road Trip planner & logbook - £9 Value

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Not what you're looking for? No problem.

If you prefer, you can just buy the ebook for £14.99 on its own here

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