New to Motorhoming and campervanning?

Feeling a little overwhelmed? Looking for a step-by-step guide to help you through the first year of van ownership- and beyond, plus video guides and bonuses??

If so, I've got the perfect solution for you...

Introducing Motorhoming Made Simple- our complete beginner's guide to motorhoming and campervanning: step-by-step

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Motorhoming is a weird hobby. You spend a LOT of money on a vehicle, with almost no instruction on what to DO with it afterwards. There are so many questions, like:

  • How do I pack securely and make sure nothing breaks? What about the fridge?
  • WHAT do I pack?
  • Why isn't my electricity working?
  • How much gas do I need?
  • How do I get water or empty waste?
  • Do I really have to worry about a weight limit? How do I know?
  • What maintenance do I need to do?
  • What happens on a campsite?
  • What do I do in winter?
  • And a million more questions!

But you don't have to feel overwhelmed and intimidated

Let us walk you through, step-by-step, everything you need to do to make the most of your motorhome or camper.

Over 180 pages, 20+ videos and essential checklists full of practical advice, tips and best practices to make the absolute most of your motorhome or campervan trips.

  • how to get your motorhome home from the dealer (including driving video tips)
  • getting to know your motorhome systems
  • how to pack your van (including step-by-step bonus videos)
  • the first trip- everything you need to do
  • using a campsite
  • finding other places to park overnight with your van
  • maintenance & regular checks you need to do (with videos to help)
  • life on the road- tips and tricks to make it all easier (including video walkthroughs)
  • winter care
  • much more

There is over 180 pages of practical, in-depth advice. It can be downloaded and even printed if you wish, so you can read it off-line without internet access.

We've also included 20+ step-by-step videos, checklists and other helpful things to get you started in the best possible way.

You can grab it all right now.

Confident Buyer Checklist- Wandering Bird Motorhome Travel tips for buying a motorhome campervan or RV

Have you been dreaming about exploring?

Did you buy a motorhome for the freedom, the adventure and the chance to get out onto the open road? But now, you're worrying about:

Oh, my friend, I get it. 

I remember EXACTLY how daunted I felt when we got our first motorhome.

Despite living on boats for years, and being fairly self-sufficient, we had no clue what we were doing. We made plenty of mistakes, including tripping out the electric for an entire campsite (oops), forgetting to get gas before a trip, over-planning our trips, driving off with the hatches open. And the windows. And the electric cable still attached...

BUT- we've learnt from these mistakes. And we've learnt a LOT. Our goal now is to share all the things we've learnt, so that you can avoid making the same mistakes. That's why we created the Motorhoming Made Simple Toolkit.

The Motorhoming Made Simple Toolkit addresses all your questions and more (including the ones you didn't know to ask!)

It contains all our best tips and tricks for motorhoming, in an easy-to-follow, practical format, with advice for every step of your motorhoming life, from collecting your van, kitting it out, your first trip, staying off-grid, maintaining and even selling your vehicle.

The e-Book is easy to read and the videos help consolidate that knowledge and you show exactly what to do, when you need to do it.

"This guide is so helpful! 

Can't wait to go on our first trip and make use of all the advice we've gained thanks to you!"

- Katie W.

Here's what you get:

  • Downloadable e-Book: Everything you need in easy-to-follow steps, using simple terms and practical advice. PDF format which you can download to a computer, laptop, iPad, or smartphone to read or print as you wish. No Kindle or iPad required
  • Printable checklists: Stay organised on your travels- print out our handy PDF checklists and keep them in a binder in your vehicle for easy reference as you travel
  • 20+ helpful Videos: Explaining in detail some of the more complicated aspects of motorhome ownership, like maintenance, pre-trip checks, route planning and towing.
  • A step-by-step guide to motorhome maintenance, including pre-trip checks, departure checks, annual maintenance, hab checks and more.
  • Hundreds of tips to save you money, improve safety and help you make the most of your time on the road!


Road Trip Survival Kit (value £17)

Everything you need to survive your road trip! Includes games to play while driving, fun questions to ask, playlist, road trip bingo, games for kids and more.

Don't let boredom win this trip!

Road Trip planner & packing videos (Value £15)

Step-by-step guide on how to plan a motorhome trip, from deciding where to go, to planning a route and organising your trip without it being stressful

Also includes videos on how to pack your motorhome from scratch, including weight limits, balancing and making it easy!

Printable road trip logbook sheets (Value £7)

Printable PDF logbook sheets for you to keep notes as you travel. The perfect place to store photos, recall funny moments and remember your road trip in the future.

Plus Road trip checklists so you don't forget anything essential!

See Inside...

Click the image below to see everything you get inside the Toolkit:

STOP feeling overwhelmed or like everyone else is in on a secret.

You CAN feel confident and go anywhere with your van- and I can help you

Who am I?

For over 3 years, I've been travelling the UK & Europe in a motorhome (almost!) full-time.

Yet, just like you, I remember how overwhelmed I felt before our first motorhome trip.

Since then, we've learnt exactly what you need (and what you DON'T) to make it all work, plus how to stay safe, save money and make life easier on the way.

And I promise, you can do the same. That's what I'm going to share with you in this guide.

My goal is to help motorhome owners like YOU gain the confidence to find true freedom on the road

I've worked with several of the biggest names in the motorhoming industry, including Baileys of Bristol, Land Cruise, Vango and others and I've been a guest speaker several times on stage at the NEC Camping, Caravan and Motorhome show- sharing our travels and knowledge about travelling in Europe with a van.

Here are what other happy customers are saying!

We LOVE hearing from customers who have used this toolkit to have their first motorhoming adventures! Here's what a few of them have to say:

  • "I'm a new wanderer and am finding your advice invaluable" - Sam
  • "Thank you for this great start to our motorhoming adventures. Great features and security advice" - Des & Dek
  • "As a complete newbie to motorhomes your guidance is most appreciated" - Paul
  • "You have put LOADS of great information in here"- Veronie
  • "Thanks for the invaluable information!" - Christine
  • "Thanks for this guide- it's been a great help to beginners such as us" - Jonathon
  • "Thanks for sharing your tips- your hard work shows through in the quality of your videos and writing. It's much appreciated" - Mike

Who is this for?

You'll LOVE this if:

  • You're a new motorhome or campervan owner and are feeling a little overwhelmed
  • You want practical advice and tips to make everything easier
  • You're nervous about forgetting something, confused by conflicting research and just want someone to help you get your questions answered quickly and simply, without the fuss.

This isn't for you if:

  • You're already an experienced motorhome/ camper owner (although there's always room to learn more!)
  • You don't want to own or use a motorhome!
  • You'd rather figure everything out on your own and don't mind spending hours researching.

"Thank goodness I found this. I have only watched 4 videos and you have taught me things I couldn't find anywhere else!"

- Neil A.

Let's look closer at what you get...

Printable 180+ page Motorhoming Made Simple e-Book

Instant access to our in-depth beginner guide to motorhoming or campervanning, with step-by-step details on what to do when you first get your van, how to find places to stay overnight, get fuel and water as you travel, essential and useful kit and hundreds more tips.

  • 180+ pages
  • Downloadable (and printable if you wish)- able to use offline
  • No iPad or Kindle required

20+ step-by-step motorhoming VIDEOS

Europe Motorhoming Videos

Exclusive access to over 20 videos, giving you more information and making things clearer.

  • 8 x videos on maintenance, pre-trip checks, caring for your van in winter, looking after your motorhome battery and electrical systems and more.
  • 7 x videos on understanding weight limits, packing your motorhoming and towing (do you even NEED a second vehicle?)
  • Extra videos with tips on what to do as a complete beginner, what NOT to do and practical advice to make your motorhoming trips even better.

BONUS #1 Road Trip Survival Kit (£17 value)

To make life even easier, get access to our popular Road Trip Survival Kit- everything you need to have an amazing road trip.


  • 20+ in-depth full-colour pages
  • Games to play as you drive, fun questions for all the family, road trip bingo sheets and more.
  • Downloadable and can be read offline. Sheets can be printed if required.

BONUS #2 Planning a road trip (£15 value)

If you've never done it before, planning a road trip can be daunting. We share our best tips and tricks including:

  • How to choose where to go
  • Tips for organising your ideas, so it's not overwhelming
  • How to see a route, both on paper and using maps on a phone


Sometimes, it's the simple things which can make a BIG difference.

Like these fantastic planning and road trip logbook printable sheets.

  • Plan your next trip easily and keep everything organised
  • Keep everything easy to find and in one place
  • Create brilliant memories of your trips, that you can look back on in future years (kids and adults alike LOVE filling these in)

All of which work together to help you achieve your goal of motorhoming with confidence


How do I get access to this guide?

The entire guide is available for you online- you'll get instant access to watch and download whenever is convenient for you.

The eBook and many pages and sheets can be downloaded and printed as you wish- so you can take them with you on your travels.  Once downloaded, you can read them without internet. The videos are available for you online to watch as many times as you want.

What comes with the purchase?

You get a special link to the toolkit, which includes 20+ videos, downloadable PDF eBook and extras checklists and other bonuses.

You also get access to all updates in the future.

Will anything be posted?

No- nothing will be posted to you. By offering this product in digital form only, we are able to keep it as up-to-date as possible.

You get FREE access to any and all future updates (unlike a book, which goes out of date very quickly)

Can I print it?

Absolutely! Every page and PDF is available for you to download and print as many times as you like. (Obviously, not the videos :) )

I don't have a Kindle or iPad

You don't need one. We designed this guide to be as simple and user-friendly as possible.

You don't need any fancy software or expensive items like a Kindle. Whatever you are reading this on right now is more than enough. 

I'm not travelling until next year...

Ahhhh- a person after my own heart. The earlier you start the planning, the easier it is!

No worries, you have lifetime access to this guide online, so you can buy it now, work through it at your leisure and it will be there again whenever you need it.

30-day refund guarantee for peace of mind

Don't forget, we offer a full 30-day refund guarantee. If you're not happy with your purchase, simply let us know and we'll refund you.

Learn about motorhoming the easy way...

One more time, here's EVERYTHING you get when you purchase the Motorhoming Made Simple Toolkit

  • In-depth, downloadable e-Book
  • 20+ exclusive motorhoming videos
  • Checklists & practical tips
  • BONUS #1: Road Trip Survival Kit
  • BONUS #2: Road Trip planning guide
  • BONUS #3: Exclusive printable motorhoming logbook sheets

Not what you're looking for? No problem.

If you prefer, you can buy the ebook for £14.99 on its own here

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